CEM Services - UK Made - Complex Capability 

BGA device technology, full assembly & repair capability

Ersa 650 IR rework system placing BGA components onto PCBsGemini Tec is a well-respected supplier of technology manufacturing services, with a range of leading edge tools to match. Since the early 1990's G-Tec has been manufacturing surface mount PCB assemblies using BGA & leadless devices.

Our experience in thermal processing PCB assemblies ensures that products are manufactured correctly during the initial batch, then checked for conformance using X-ray and optical cameras. We currently place in excess of 60,000 BGA/PoP devices per year and our experience will ensure any transition to BGA or higher technology devices is both smooth and pain free.

Our SMT assembly plant is configured to manufacture PCB assemblies that use a wide variety of BGA and leadless devices, our comprehensive service covers automated SMT placement and reflow capability, including vacumm based vapour phase reflow, for void free results.

Our experienced IPC technicians can support a broad range of products and components, from BGA's, package-on-package PoP, QFN and technically challenging leadless devices from assembly to complex repairs.

We have a full range of tools in-house to support BGA, PoP & leadless devices:

  • Leading thermal engineering tools and software.
  • Highly experienced IPC trained technicians and engineers.
  • Automated & semi automated BGA placement.
  • BGA Re-work and device upgrade.X-Ray and Ersascope camera inspection tools at Gemini Tec
  • X-Ray, with 3D real time inspection.
  • ERSAscope optical camera inspection.
  • ERSA Infrared BGA re-work station. (Large format capability)
  • BGA baking ovens & vacuum sealing.
  • BGA Re-balling. (cold process)
  • X J-Tag testing.
  • Package on package BGA assembly.
  • BGA assembly.
  • BGA repair & re-work.

Our expertise is available to support complex electronic PCB assemblies through the complete product lifecycle.

Contact us for more help or technical assistance with complex SMT & BGA based PCB assemblies. Tel +44 (0) 1252 333 444