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Conformal coating with selective spraying technology

We operate a sophisticated and automated process to selectively coat PCB assemblies. Utilising our leading edge PVA coating system, we can selectively coat PCB assemblies with a wide variety of conformal coating products, including HumiSeal 1B31 acrylic, which is qualified to MIL-I-46058C. PVA selective technology coating machine at Gemini Tec

Robotic spraying allows fine amounts of coating to be selectively dispensed onto PCB's with high accuracy. Multi axis control allows the coating to sprayed on, around and underneath complex components. The distinct advantage of this technique means there is no longer a need to mask the keep out areas of the PCB. Selectively spraying allows a price point typically 20% to 30% lower than traditional coating methods.

ionic tester


The preparation of PCBA's for coating is paramount and we pre-treat and clean products to exceed the guidelines of IPC CH-65 A and J-STD 001-D prior to coating. We use our 'Zero Ion' contamination testing system to validate the correct level of cleanliness is achieved, prior to the application of any coating materials.


  • PVA Robotic and selective spraying system.
  • No masking required.
  • Fine line definition.
  • Spraying for accurate viscosity of coating.
  • Spraying for accurate thickness of coating.
  • 100% repeatable process.
  • Pneumatic tilt axis for spraying underneath components.
  • Full cleaning process to meet J-STD 001-D (MIL SPEC)
  • Full cleaning process to meet IPC CH-65 A.
  • Ultrasonic with vapour cleaning and aqueous batch washing PCBA preparation.
  • Ionic testing, with 'Zero Ion' system.

PCB assembly with conformal coating applied by Gemini Tec Aqueous washing at Gemini Tec 

Gemini can provide its customers with fully coated PCB assemblies as part of its turnkey operation. This automated and selective process can be provided at cost effective rates.

Should you be considering the use of conformal coating, please contact us to discuss our capability in contract manufacturing for your PCB assemblies. Tel +44 (0) 1252 333 444