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PCB artwork scanning & reverse engineering

Since 1980 Gemini have used BARCO scanning hardware & software to reverse engineer 'Artworks' into electronic data. As Europe's largest scanning bureau we have vast experience in providing customers with clean & optimised data for manufacture. Mixed technology PCB assembly, with SMT & PTH parts - all can be reverse engineered and scanned to recreate data.

Our customers include OEM's and PCB manufactures.
Artworks and actual PCB's can be scanned and engineered into Gerber data. The re-engineering of films/PCB's to Gerber data is cost effective and accurate.

  • Experienced engineers conversant with circuit board production.
  • Full Gerber/DPF re-creation suitable for any tooling system, using BARCO Graphics.
  • Scanning of bare PCB boards to Gerber data
  • Scanning of PCB's and converted to CAD data.
  • Scanning of populated PCB's to Gerber data.
  • Scanning of artworks to Gerber data.
  • Scanning of diazo films to Gerber data.
  • Perfect layer-to-layer registration, snapped to the drill centres.
  • Re-engineered data eliminates manufacturing problems.

If you need technical assistance with engineering data or PCB's for manufacture or long term storage contact us on Tel +44 (0) 1252 333 444