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Key Considerations for Choosing Your CEM Production Partner

Selecting the right CEM for your PCB production is critical for ensuring quality, reliability, and alignment with your business goals. With numerous factors to evaluate, from manufacturing capabilities to testing procedures, making an informed decision can significantly impact your product's success in the market. Whether you're exploring your manufacturing options or seeking to optimise your current PCB production, our new guide provides essential insights to help you make informed decisions when selecting a CEM partner. With almost 50 years of in-depth industry experience, we share impartial advice to help you source reliable PCB Assembly production. You can download our handy PDF guide or here's a streamlined overview to help you navigate this crucial decision-making process.

1. Define Your Requirements

Before diving into your search for a PCB production partner, it’s essential to define your project requirements clearly. Consider aspects such as project scope, production volume, specific technical requirements, and necessary quality standards. These foundational elements will serve as your guideposts when evaluating potential CEMs.

2. Experience and Track Record

The experience of a CEM speaks volumes about their capability and reliability. Look for a partner with a proven track record in delivering high-quality PCBs consistently. Inquire about their industry tenure, past projects, and client testimonials to gauge their credibility and suitability for your needs.

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3. Manufacturing Capabilities

Assess the CEM’s manufacturing capabilities, including their equipment, technology investments, and production capacity. Ensure they can scale up to meet your production requirements and handle varying project complexities. A facility tour and equipment demonstration can provide valuable insights into their operational efficiency.

“Gemini Tec is our preferred CEM partner, having worked closely together for many years you manufacture products to an exceptional quality every time.”

Head of Supply


4. Certifications and Accreditations

Quality control is non-negotiable in PCB production. Verify that the CEM adheres to stringent quality standards such as ISO 9001, and industry-specific certifications like AS 9100 for aerospace applications. Certifications ensure consistent quality and compliance with regulatory requirements.

5. Specialisation in PCB Assembly

Consider whether the CEM specialises in PCB assembly or offers a broader range of services. Specialisation often translates to deeper expertise and tailored solutions for your specific industry and product requirements. Look for case studies or examples of similar projects they’ve successfully completed.

“We have worked with many CEMs over the years, but no one is able to build boards that work first time like Gemini Tec.”

Head of Product Design

(Components, instruments & systems. For aerospace, defence & commercial wireless applications

6. Supplier Relationships and Materials Purchasing

A robust supplier network is crucial for sourcing high-quality components promptly and cost-effectively. Enquire about their supplier selection criteria, inventory management practices, and contingency plans for mitigating supply chain disruptions. Strong supplier relationships contribute to overall production reliability.

7. Comprehensive Testing

Rigorous testing protocols are essential to ensure the functionality and reliability of your PCBs. Verify the CEM’s testing capabilities, including equipment, methodologies, and documentation practices. Testing should encompass all stages of production to catch potential issues early and uphold product quality standards.

“In retrospect, we wished we had on-boarded Gemini Tec earlier in the program. The level of technical processes capability you offer has distinctly advanced our product reliability and simultaneously allowed us to navigate away from poor reliability with our end customers.”


(Wireless communications for homeland security)

8. Continuous Improvement Mindset

A CEM committed to continuous improvement demonstrates a proactive approach to refining processes, adopting new technologies, and enhancing operational efficiency. Inquire about their initiatives for process optimisation, employee training programs, and mechanisms for incorporating customer feedback.

9. End-to-End Service Capability

Consider whether the CEM offers end-to-end service capabilities, from sourcing and procurement to product assembly, packaging, and shipping. Seamless integration of these services streamlines your supply chain and enhances overall production efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Choosing the right PCB production partner involves thorough evaluation across multiple criteria to ensure alignment with your project goals and quality standards. For a detailed exploration of each consideration and expert impartial insights, download our comprehensive guide, “Top 10 Key Criteria for Choosing Your CEM Partner,” in PDF format.

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