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3D AOI Inspection for Advanced PCB Assembly

Your assembly undergoes thorough visual inspection conducted by our highly skilled and qualified QA Assessment Team, meeting the globally recognised IPC standard.

Advanced Process Control and Defect Detection

Regardless of quantity and technology, 3D AOI Inspection is always a standard process for your product manufacturing.

Advanced Automated Optical Inspection with award-winning 3D AOI Inspection Technology

Our market leading Mirtec OMNI Vision 3D machines are equipped with world class Moire 3D projector technology and lighting systems for a precise measurement using advanced analysis algorithms.

The system combines 3D, 2D and lateral inspection to build a full picture of each device and accurately identify any failure modes.

3D AOI Inspection & X-Ray is used to identify and rectify any potential issues, for the highest level of product integrity and reliability

Accurate Validation Processes

3D AOI inspection provides a fully rendered 3D image of the target device including precise analysis of all the physical features, including co-planarity.

Enhanced Inspection Levels

Attained by cross-referencing the physical pad data while simultaneously examining multiple surfaces of each component. This includes inspecting J-Lead and No-Lead components.

Expanded Inspection Coverage

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) located outside of the typical inspection area is included within the inspection process.

Widest Range of Inspection Capability

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