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Gemini Tec provide electronic manufacturing services, operating from our 30,000 sqft facility in North Hampshire, UK. Our production facility is designed to build surface mount PCBA products, including high mix and high complexity PCBA electronics.

Why Choose Gemini Tec as your CEM Partner:

As a fully inclusive CEM service provider, we work with you from concept to completion starting with the PCB design layout, through to NPI and finally production. 

We are specialists in the low-medium volume, high mix production arena and provide our clients with a tailored, agile, and responsive service. Bringing our customer centric approach and expertise to each project, we thrive on delivering the right solution for even the most complex requirements.

Working in partnership with our clients, as part of your extended team, is part of our business ethos. We actively encourage collaboration to develop concepts and designs that maximise the value we bring to you.

Our commitment to world class capability allows G-Tec to support a diverse range of technical PCBA products. We operate seven SMT machines to build ultra-high mix and complex SMT products. We have specific expertise in high thermal mass, flex, flex-rigid and RF applications.


Full CEM services available:

  • Added value service provider
  • High mix & complex PCBA capability
  • PCB assembly for rapid NPI orders
  • PCB assembly for small to medium volume production
  • Conformal coating
  • Cable assemblies
  • Functional test and validation
  • Box build manufacturing
  • PCB layout with Altium design tools
  • Material procurement and management service

 Complete product assembly at CEM G-Tec

How we work:

We work closely with our customers to help them overcome various challenges during the design, prototyping and NPI phases, ahead of transitioning to our fully optimised production service. 

Due to the flexibility we have in our facility and our teams, production orders and contracts can vary greatly in both size and scope. Although typically ranging from 10pcs through to 1000pcs per batch, we can also accommodate smaller and larger batch sizes. Our full service includes final assembly and test for contracts of C.20,000 p/a. 

Our UK based manufacturing facility is amongst the very best in the UK, designed to deliver consistent and high levels of product quality.

Highlights of our facility:

  • Experienced IPC trained staff
  • Highly organised with digital integration
  • IPC Class 3 build standards
  • Superbly equipped with world class PCBA processing technology
  • Impeccably clean environment
  • Secure facility with CCTV and controlled access
  • 100% UK made with full protection over customer IP


G-Tec CEM facility

Contact us in confidence to discuss your requirements in more detail, or arrange a visit to our production facility. Tel +44 (0) 1252 333 444

Or download our company overview here: G-Tec Company Profile