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Fully Inclusive Service Provision for High Reliability Complex PCBA Electronics

Whether you require a standalone board solution or a comprehensive integrated service, you can rely on us. With more than 45 years leading the way in CEM, we provide unmatched expertise.

Leading Innovators in complex PCB production

Delivering PCBA Solutions for Every Need from a Market Leading Provider

Partnering closely with you, we tackle design, prototyping, and NPI challenges before seamlessly transitioning to our optimised production service.

For NPI and complex development, typical batches range from 2 to 50pcs, often produced in short timescales.  

As a high-mix manufacturer, our batch sizes vary from 5pcs to 1000pcs. We place over 7 million components a month, with production orders ranging from 2 units to 30,000 units per year across a wide range of PCB products.

Our UK based manufacturing facility is amongst the very best in the UK, designed to deliver consistent and high levels of product quality

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Fully qualified IPC engineers operate all of our advanced tools.

Engineering & PCB Layout

Streamlined Production

A comprehensive range of designed engineering services, from detailed data engineering to custom PCB layout, ensuring a smooth transition from conception to production.

Reduce your Time to Market

Rapid high-quality protoyping and small batch NPI service  featuring a dedicated NPI SMT line with vapour phase reflow, meeting IPC class 2 or 3 standards.


Complex/HDI Medium Volume Orders

An ‘Ultra High Mix’ SMT line tailored to meet your specific needs, with fast set up and changeover times. With 8, 16, or 24 high-speed heads and equipped with the MY700 twin-head jet printer and Nitrogen (N2) reflow line, it ensures precision and efficiency.

Box Build

An End-to-End Solution

A final assembly and box build capability if you need added value support, such as PPAP approval, complex functional test or when close control over conformance is required.

Supply Chain

Seamless PCBA Route to Market

A proven, bespoke supply chain process, offers reliable and robust inventory management.

Test & Inspection

Full Engineering Support

Testing is customised to meet your product’s unique requirements with conformance assured by the use of a full range of advanced testing tools.

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