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We understand the importance, together with the energy required, to develop a successful trading relationship with our customers. We place great importance on understanding the 'business fit' between our customers and ourselves to maximise the benefits of outsourcing with us here at Gemini Tec.

We are a well established company, having been operating successfully for over 40 years. We have a long standing reputation for providing a high level of customer satisfaction and long-term customer retention. Our focused attitude towards our business and customers alike ensures we are trusted advisors in the outsourcing process.

We receive a large amount of recommendations for new business and greatly appreciate the customer feedback we receive...


DSL Ltd: Leading UK design house, for custom designed embedded computers.

"Using Gemini Tec has been a breath of fresh air, delivering product on time and often ahead of planned deliveries to aid DSL in delivering urgent orders to its customers. DSL has historically worked with at least 2 sub-contract manufacturers, but given our confidence in your service and ability we have attained over the years, we have taken the unprecedented move to single source with Gemini"



Syg-Net Ltd: Electronic design, custom hardware, including voice & data communications systems, internet connectivity - ADSL, VoIP, LAN.

"Syg-net UK would like to thank Gemini Tec for providing us with high quality product manufacturing for our broad range of equipment for over 20 years, together with a highly dependable delivery service and competitive pricing"



Hitex Development Ltd: Leading supplier of innovative and reliable tools for embedded engineers.

"Gemini Tec are unusually helpful and approachable. Always willing to go the extra distance to meet deadlines, or unusual requirements, whilst maintaining their high quality. We would have no hesitation in recommending G-Tec, which is why we choose to consistently work together"

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Sangoma Inc: Design & manufacture of IP communications hardware.

"Sangoma recognises the high levels of quality and professionalism delivered during the development of our next generation of our products. The quality delivered and the turnaround times were a key element in our products. Sangoma is proud to have you as one of its trusted partners for electronic manufacturing services."



Leading supplier of Avionics & Electronics. "Please acknowledge our appreciation for your team at Gemini in getting the first set of products to us on time. When the data was released to production your team rose the challenge and kept their promises"


Custom electronic design services for broadcast equipment. "Your staff members have provide us with excellent support throughout this challenging NPI phase over the last 18 months, so I would like to personally thank all involved and apply particular thanks and recognition of efforts beyond the call of duty, it has been a first class service"


If you are seeking to partner with a successful CEM, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can contact us via telephone, e-mail or preferably schedule a visit to see our facility in person to see the detail behind our operation that makes us unique.

Contact us to arrange a visit and discuss your requirements in more detail. Tel + 44 (0) 1252 333 444