Nitrogen (N2) Reflow Soldering for Complex SMT Production
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ERSA Hotflow reflow oven with N2 at Gemini Tec Ltd

At our advanced manufacturing centre, we offer our flagship SMT line which is fully enabled for HDI and ultra-complex PCBA production.

Using the latest ERSA Hotflow (N2) nitrogen reflow oven, the density of HDI products increases with the addition of Nitrogen (N2) into the reflow process achieving a higher level of joint integrity for small and complex SMT components. By injecting N2 into the reflow process oxidisation of components is prevented in the ramp up phase and improves the wetting of solder joints. In addition, this process also removes the creation of solder balls and HIP (head in pillow) under BGA and leadless devices where pin terminations are physically small. 

The ERSA Hotflow nitrogen reflow over was chosen as the ideal partner for high production throughput using 9 zones (7 heating/2 cooling) with full support for high thermal mass PCBs and thin substrates (flex and flex-rigid products) using advanced thermal management tools.


We chose the ERSA Hotflow Nitrogen Reflow Oven as the ideal partner for high production throughput. It uses nine zones (seven for heating, two for cooling) and offers support for high thermal mass PCBs and thin substrates via advanced thermal management tools.

This latest reflow capability is assigned to our flagship 'Trilogy' surface mount line. This SMT line is unique to the UK, combining the use of three SMT machines that can use 24 placement heads to build products in unison. The line uses our MY700 twin head solder jet printer to provide the ultimate in high mix PCBA assembly capability. 


Gemini Tec support a wide range of customers and PCBA applications, from NPI to medium volume production. Our investment in advanced processing technology allows us to build complex and demanding PCBA products where reliability and quality conformance is mandatory.

 G-Tec High Mix Trilogy SMT Line

Our passionate teams deliver a world class service, are committed to providing the highest quality products and put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We support our customers with PCBA applications, working from concept to completion starting with the PCB design layout, through to NPI and finally production.

Our investment in processing technology means we can manufacture advanced and demanding PCBA products, where reliability and product conformance are mandatory.

To find out more about our CEM service, the technical advantages we deliver or arrange a visit to our plant, please contact the commercial team on +44 (0)1252 333 444



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