We are renowned experts in SMT production, with a solid reputation for on-time delivery. Our service is best suited to customers seeking high quality NPI products, prior to us starting production orders. 


Our dedicated NPI department engineer and manufacture over 800 new NPI orders a year, with capability configured to deliver unrivalled speed and complexity. We have invested in world-class process capability, such as ‘solder jet printing' and vapour phase reflow, to provide a superior level of quality for complex PCB assemblies with BGA, uBGA, QFN, DFN and PoP devices. 


Commercial elements of our rapid NPI/prototype service:

  • Dedicated rapid delivery service.
  • Build standards IPC class 2 or 3, by accredited technicians 
  • Rapid delivery batch builds for 1 to 10 units.
  • Full turnkey orders, including materials and PCB substrates.
  • Complex assembly and engineered solutions for demanding development programs. 


Technical advantages:

Main PCB area at Gemini Tec

  • Dedicated Mycronic SMT placement line.
  • Dedicated solder jet printer.
  • Dedicated vapour phase reflow with vacuum processing, for complex PCBA's.
  • Sub 0.3 mm BGA, PoP, leadless, 01005, 0201, 0402, QFN, DFN etc.
  • 100% validation with 5-axis Mirtec AOI inspection tools.
  • Full inspection with X-Ray & optical cameras.
  • World class process capability for high yield and right first time.


To ensure product validation we use a range of comprehensive tools as standard, such as Mirtec five axis camera AOI systems, fibre optic Ersascope cameras and 3D X-Ray.


Skilled IPC technicians are used to complete any second stage assembly, by hand or with automated soldering machines. Products can be cleaned using ultrasonic or aqueous washing methods. In-house conformal coating is available with our controlled spray booth for fast track orders. 


Your ODB++ data is used to create all the digital tooling using Factory Logix from Aegis. All engineering is completed by experienced staff who check and plan all aspects of the production flow, including the use of Barco front end tools to DFM/DRC your Gerber data prior to build. You can view our tooling data requirements by downloading our fact sheet here. G-Tec_Engineering_Data_Packs_Issue_1.pdf

3 Mirtec AOI machines at Gemini Tec


Our supply chain team can procure and kit the relevant components on your behalf. All component inventory is managed through our material handling system, which uses bar-codes to manage intelligent data from goods receipt through to our SMT lines, to ensure the correct components are presented, removing any human factor and risk. We are also able to accept materials on a free issue basis, please contact us to request our latest guidelines. 


To discuss our rapid delivery NPI and prototype service in more detail please contact us. Tel +44 (0) 1252 333 444



Customer feedback on the service we provide:

"Sangoma recognises the high levels of quality and professionalism delivered during the development of our next generation of our products. The quality delivered and the turnaround times were a key element in our products. Sangoma is proud to have you as one of its trusted partners for electronic manufacturing services."