Gemini Tec has developed its business in numerous key areas to ensure our offering is unique and provides customers with significant added value. 

With a wide variety of CEM's available in today's fast moving market, the need to ensure a good business fit is essential for a mutually beneficial relationship to flourish. We place great importance on understanding our customers needs and future requirements, with many customers enjoying a working relationship with us for over 30 years.

Just some of the key differences about Gemini Tec Ltd.


We are passionate about our business and your products.

To create and manage a business with over 40 years of continuous trading is a testament to the commitment and drive we have, and pride ourselves iPCBA assemblies using vapour phase reflown delivering outstanding levels of customer service and product quality.

We are focused on continuous improvement in all areas of our business, including our dedicated and loyal staff. Our Directors and senior staff are all involved in the day-to-day operations to ensure the company values are fully understood and implemented at all levels.


Solder jet printing, the fastest way to the perfect solder joint.

Gemini Tec were the first UK CEM to adopt thMY700 Mycronic jet printer at Gemini Tecis class leading technology and now enjoy a long heritage in the design and application of solder jet paste and associated fluids. And, as we no longer need to engineer, manufacture and work with stencils, our SMT process is fully optimised and highly controlled.

We operate exclusively with Mycronic solder jet printing systems to ensures the optimum solder joints are achieved and deliver a level of control and consistency that's simply not achievable when using traditional stencils. Our fully automated lines use both MY600 and the latest twin head MY700 jet printers for the fast and accurate dispensing of solder paste and fluids. 


Vapour phase reflow, for superior results.

In line SMT production at Gemini Tec

We use superior methods of PCBA reflow, removing the constraints of manufacturing complex SMT products. Vapour phase reflow is a clean process that ensures the soldering of PCBA's is completed to exacting standards.

Gemini Tec operate two Asscon vapour phase reflow ovens, full automation and vacuum processing for void free solder joints, provides exacting standards of build quality. Traditional reflow soldering is still supported, with our BTU Pyramax reflow ovens. 


Complex manufacturing capability for demanding technology, such micro BGAs, PoP, QFN.

From PCB design, board level engineering, process control and product conformance, Gemini Tec have a long history in working with complex SMT components. Our facility is configured to ensure complex SMT assemblies can be fully optimised and manufactured for high yields.

Our service supports the full life cycle of customer products, from design to distribution, including service and repair. 


PCB designers in house, who speak your language. 3D AOI inspection at Gemini Tec

Whilst many of our customers complete their own PCB designs, we are fully conversant with the many challenges, technical issues and risks associated with PCB designs. Our long history in the design and manufacture of PCB substrates enables us to effectively communicate and interface at a technical level.

For customers who need expertise in PCB layout, we deliver over 40 years of experience in designing PCB's. This allows us to seamlessly transition your PCBA into prototype and production, with complete consideration for all technical and commercial related issues.  


Please review our website for more detailed information on the many aspects of our CEM service. 


Contact us directly for more information about working with us. Tel +44 (0) 1252 333 444