From design to full production Gemini Tec Design Services offer comprehensive contract manufacturing, design and full turn key solutions giving you access to the latest technology, as well as a team of experienced designers and engineers.Complex FPGA card at Gemini Tec

By working with carefully selected design partner organisations we offer a wide selection of value-added services, from design concept through to full product design. With in house PCB layout capabilities we are fully equipped to deliver complete turnkey solutions: design definition, design implementation and prototypes, volume electronics manufacturing, logistics, after market support.

When it comes to product realisation and contract electronics manufacturing, a substantial proportion of the end product's total cost is determined at the design stage. As a result, this part of the manufacturing process presents the perfect opportunity to identify improvements that will lead to cost reductions. A thorough understanding of each of these elements will enable the product to be designed and optimised for procurement, manufacturing and test.
At Gemini Tec we not only understand these implications, but know they must also be involved in your project from the very start.

Here are 6 reasons to use Gemini Tec on your next product design

1. Knowledge & Experience
Who wouldn't love to be able to take advantage of talented industry professionals with a great deal of knowledge and experience without actually having to pay their salary? That's exactly what you get when you make the decision to work with Gemini Tec You'll be able to obtain design and manufacturing input from a team of experts who have been working in PCB engineering, assembly, and repair for years.

2. Design Efficiency
One of the primary reasons that board production can get expensive is inefficient design schematics. Although your engineers may be very good at what they do, there's always room for improvement, and it's always a good idea to consider someone else's opinion as a means of looking at things from a new point of view. By taking advantage of Gemini Tecs engineering team we can work together to determine how to improve your design efficiency, reducing the size of boards and the number of costly components required.

3. Careful Testing
There's nothing worse than throwing away thousands of pounds in time, labour, and parts because a design wasn't properly tested or debugged or because a large batch order was assembled without first testing a prototype. Although circuit board testing can be time-consuming, it's an extremely important part of the production process. By working with Gemini Tec we can shoulder the burden of testing for you, so that you can focus on other tasks.

4. Superior Technologies
Wouldn't it be great if you could take advantage of the same design, assembly, and production technologies as your largest competitors? While it may be easy for the "big guys" to spend money on the latest and greatest equipment, it's not always a possibility for you. When you partner with Gemini Tec you are able to tap into these valuable resources without being required to invest in the technology, house it, or maintain it. Suddenly, you're much more competitive in the  marketplace!

5. Cut Material Costs
In addition to helping you improve design efficiency and reduce your spending on expensive manufacturing equipment, Gemini Tec can actually help you to scale back the cost of components and parts. Through developing long-term relationships with reliable suppliers, we can get the best deals on parts, which translates to less spending for you, as well.

6. Excellent Fulfillment Services
Just because you offer a warranty on your boards and products doesn't mean that you should throw away money on replacement units when something goes wrong. When you have Gemini Tec on your team, you can address problems in a more cost-efficient manner. Through careful troubleshooting, your contract manufacturer can pinpoint the problem. Often, it can be traced to a single failing component which can then be replaced for a fraction of the cost to replace.


Design Services Include:

  • Schematic review
  • Design for manufacture
  • Hardware, software and mechanical design
  • Product development
  • PCB Layout
  • Specialist product knowledge
  • Design definition
  • Design implementation
  • Prototype electronics manufacturing
  • Volume electronics manufacturing
  • After market support


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 Customer feedback on the service we provide:

"Sangoma recognizes the high levels of quality and professionalism delivered during the development of our next generation of our products. The quality delivered and the turnaround times were a key element in our products. Sangoma is proud to have you as one of its trusted partners for electronic manufacturing services."