In 2008, Gemini Tec were the first UK CEM to introduce 'Solder Jet Paste Printing' technology, providing its customers with unrivalled product quality in surface mount production. Today, Gemini Tec is the only UK CEM operating with three world-class solder jet printing systems across its fleet of SMT placement lines, covering prototype, NPI and full production.

M700 solder jet printing at Gemini Tec

With over 80% of typical SMT production errors directly attributed to the use of stencils, solder jet printing delivers the technical solution for high yield and high reliability manufacturing for today's most complex SMT products.

In 2019, Gemini Tec added Mycronic's latest MY700 jet printer. The very latest model has twin heads to provide faster processing times by using two dispensing heads simultaneously, together with smaller dot capability for sub 0.25mm pad sizes.  


How does solder jet paste printing work?

Jet printing is a non-contact printing process that applies solder paste directly onto the PCB pad, without the need to use any stencil tooling.

Small solder paste deposits are placed at a rate of over 1 million dots per hour, to accurately construct the optimum solder paste typography for each and every pad position on the board. Such close control allows us to obtain the optimum reflow conditions first time and every time.

Jet printing removes the limitations of traditional stencils, to deliver a new level of reliability for rigid and flexible substrates, board cavities, package-on-package, QFNs and new components with small process windows. By optimising the solder paste process we are able to remove the typical production errors, such as floating QFN devices, excessive and insufficient solder, that lead to poor production yields, higher build costs and the inevitable time delays.












Our investment in the world's foremost process technology ensures our customers benefit from numerous technical and commercial advantages. Our manufacturing process provides high levels of accuracy with consistent quality. Assured delivery times can be achieved without the constraints of using stencils. We are able to adopt a lean, fast and cost-effective approach to SMT/PCB production, regardless of lead-time and complexity.  Thick thin stepped stencil ny 2 MY600 003

  • 100% accurate repeatable, without deviation.
  • Optimum solder joints, typical yields at 100%.
  • No stencil tooling costs.
  • Process development in real time.
  • Lower manufacturing costs.
  • Shorter lead times and no risk of production delays.
  • Suitable for all SMT devices, BGA, PoP, QFN devices.
  • Optimised for 3D cavity printing and technical components
  • The only UK CEM operating with three solder jet paste printers.

 Complex pcb assembly using jet printing at Gemini Tec

Jet printing technology is used across our entire SMT manufacturing process. Supplied by Mycronic, our MY600JP, MY600JD and MY700 jet printers are providing the optimal solder paste deposits to PCB assemblies at a rate equivalent to 100,000 CPH per line. Solder jet printing is fast and reliable, delivering higher levels of product quality beyond the capability of stencils.  

MY600 solder jet printer at Gemini Tec


Tooling for jet printing is created directly from your ODB++ data or ASCII CAD data using Aegis Factory Logix, removing the need to design, order and wait for stencils.


Direct printing allows production to commence immediately, with all required paste modifications conducted in real time. Our process removes all potential engineering time delays and ensures all production is optimised, regardless of technology or batch size.   

Review our tooling requirements here: G-Tec_Engineering_Data_Packs_Issue_1.pdf


To find out more or arrange a technical demonstration contact us. Tel +44 (0) 1252 333 444





What our customers say about solder jet printing:

"DSL have found the solder jet printing technology used at Gemini has vastly improved the yields for our high complexity PCB products, together with savings in NRE charges and improved delivery times."