CEM Services at Gemini Tec Ltd
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Our contract PCBA manufacturing service includes a full box build service, supplying fully built and tested products for small to medium volume production orders.Mechanical Assembly Area at Gemini Tec

We build a wide variety of finished products, from multi level PCBA products into mechanical enclosures, backplanes, rack mounted equipment through to full PPAP approved products ready for delivery to your line side assembly process.

Our capability includes a range of cable assemblies, looms and wiring and and we have in house capability for press fit connectors using automated equipment, suitable for backplane products. Our in-house engineering team can design a solution to suit any challenging or odd form component.

Our digital control process, together with our IPC certified and experienced technicians provide the care and attention to detail at every stage of the build process. Our PCBA product assembly process includes system programming, functional test, flying probe test, potting, conformal coating, product configuration and final assembly.

We can manage any custom packaging and documentation requirements prior to storage and onward shipping. 

Our service supports small volume and bespoke applications, with product batch sizes from 10 units to upwards.   

Full CEM Services

  • Final product assembly
  • Cable assembly & Wiring
  • Mechanical items, such as displays, front panels & keyboards
  • Full product test & validation
  • Flying probe test
  • Conformal coating & potting
  • Custom & bespoke packaging
  • Custom documentation


Products are tested for compliance using a specified testing strategy. Numerous options for test rig design and manufacturing are available to suit the product and lifecycle. 


Any relevant firmware & software can be stored, controlled and subsequently loaded into products. Top Level Mechanical Assembly at Gemini TecExperienced test engineers can fault find and remedy any test failures to ensure compliance. Products can be packaged into custom cartons with bespoke labelling and shipping and direct to end user if required.  


All customer products are built inside our modern 30,000 sqft. facility in North Hampshire. Our facility is highly organised, efficient and impeccably clean to ensure a positive working environment and culture for our employees.

All production and stores areas at our facility are fully compliant with ESD protocols. All areas are monitored by 24 hour CCTV with access control and restrictions in place.

 If you are seeking to outsource the assembly of your product or just to enhance your supplier base, contact us to discuss your requirements. Tel +44 (0) 1252 333 444 or download our company profile here: G-Tec Company Profile


Customer feedback on the service we provide:

"Sangoma recognizes the high levels of quality and professionalism delivered during the development of our next generation of our products. The quality delivered and the turnaround times were a key element in our products. Sangoma is proud to have you as one of its trusted partners for electronic manufacturing services."