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G-Tec Engineering & Operations CentreThe preparation of our customers data is a key element of our process to ensure the success of all subsequent production operations. Our experienced data engineering department has two key elements, covering the blank PCB substrate and the various data sets and drawings required for the production process. 


Blank PCB engineering 'Front end tooling'

As the blank PCB is the foundation of the product, its essential our engineering department work to help customers validate the PCB layout. Our aim is to identify potential issues from the processing of the data and support customers to apply best practices. Using Ucamco tools we complete a series of DFM, DRC and netlist connectivity checks, reporting back any issues, such as solder mask and via tenting, layer stack conflicts and impedance calculations.

Once the data has passed our checks, we supply the digital data directly to the PCB fabricator for use. This ensures all the requirements have been fully considered and risk removed.  Areas include; The correct step and panelisation for board transport, suitable fiducial marks for SMT placement, board panel routing, all IPC specifications and UL requirements. Our process ensures that all blank PCB's will be manufactured in accordance IPC standards and the follow-on build process. 


Data Engineering    

Using Aegis FLX software tools, we create our machine data, programs and drawing sets directly from your ODB++, ensuring a higher level of accuracy is attained. Not only does this remove the risks associated with using X&Y or pick and place files, it removes valuable down time during production with the need to 'Teach' our machines how and where to place components.Fully engineered production PCBA on SMT line 1

The ODB++ data contains all the required data, including the correct digital rotations and center points, further removing the need to rely on ambiguous PCB ident information for important build decisions. Using advanced tools reveals the granular level of detail required construct and output issue-controlled data sets.

Outputs include the required data for boards transportation, placement data, package data for placement configuration, AOI data for inspection and jet printing data from our fully tested paste typologies. A full set of build drawings are produced to capture information for production engineers, such as odd form component processing, obscure orientations, build directions, fitted parts, build order and even where to locate serial numbers. 

Our engineering department are on hand to deliver accurate data to the production process. To help customers provide the relevant data for engineering, please download our guide



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