Full Product Test & ICT at Gemini Tec Ltd
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Gemini Tec will implement and conduct a range of testing strategies for your products. Products can be configured, programmed, and tested prior to sub-assembly or customer delivery.

G-Tec ICT Product Testing

We design and manufacture jigs and tools, to facilitate customers test software. Flying probe test is used for low volume and high complexity products, where full compliance is required.


  • Functional Test.
  • Flying probe testing using Takaya test platform.
  • Burn in test.
  • Cable assembly testing.
  • J-TAG Boundary Scan.
  • RF test applications.
  • Circuit fault finding and repair.
  • Test jig design & manufacture.


All functional printed circuit board assembly testing is carried out with full engineering diagnostic support to ensure tested products are compliant to your specification, including programming and de-bug.

We can assist with test fixture design, specification, and manufacture, using our in-house test development team to select the correct and best method of test to support your PCBA products.

We can work with custom test applications and documentation to mirror in-house operations and provide a seamless integration with your factory. 

G-Tec Functional Test at Gemini Tec

We have a wide range of tools and capability to implement your test specification to help maximise the benefits in outsourcing and remove the hidden costs from your own manufacturing process. 


If you wish to discuss the implementation of a test strategy for your product, contact us to discuss our contract manufacturing services. Tel +44 (0) 1252 333 444