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At Gemini Tec we support the manufacture of PCB assemblies that use PTH technology (plated through hole) 

PTH Assembly at Gemini Tec

Despite demand for surface mount technology many PCBA products still require conventional or PTH components to be mounted and soldered. Our factory is fully equipped to build products with PTH components.

Our trained IPC technicians use temperature controlled Wellar, Ersa and Metcal soldering irons to produce products to IPC class 2 & 3 build standards. 

PTH components can be automatically soldered using our CMS400 wave soldering machine, which is complete with a cropmatic machine. Our lead-free wave solder system supports large format PCB boards and used daily to manufacture customer orders from one off PCBA's through to many thousands per batch.

For selected products we can provide 'Pin in Paste' where our solder jet printers apply the solder paste, allowing the component to be inserted prior to reflow. 

We have specialist operators who can conduct complex wire mods and complex re-work to PCBA's if ever required. We have in house press-fit capability, using semi automatic pressing tools, supported by in house tooling design and manufacture. 


Second Stage AssemblyPTH Assembly at Gemini Tec

  • PTH assembly. 
  • Wave solder assembly.
  • Press fit applications.
  • Wire looms.
  • Cable assemblies.


If you are looking to work with a experienced and capable CEM, contact us to arrange further discussions on your exact requirements. Tel +44(0) 1252 333 444

  Wave solder process at Gemini Tec - CMS 400

Customer feedback on the service we provide:

"Syg-net UK would like to thank Gemini Tec for providing us with high quality product manufacturing for our broad range of equipment for over 20 years, together with a highly dependable delivery service and competitive pricing"