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At our advanced manufacturing centre, we produce surface mount PCB products, for high reliability applications using the latest techniques and typically engineer and implement 500 projects each year.
G-Tec Ultra High Mix SMT Line

We have the flexibility to adapt to the needs of our customers, whether that is working on a single board solution or a fully integrated service, the highest levels of attention are guaranteed. Our internal structure is perfectly placed to deliver small to medium batch production. We place upwards of seven million components a month with production orders ranging from 2 units to 30,000 units per year across a range of PCB products, including highly complex PCBA products using and complex SMT devices.

All our SMT lines are configured with transport conveyors, solder jet printing and in-line reflow soldering. We only use the Mycronic SMT platform with its fully intelligent feeder system, to provide fast set up and changeover times for true high mix capability.  

We are the only UK CEM using solder jet printing across our entire fleet of equipment, providing unrivalled speed, flexibility and product reliability. This leading edge capability provides technical advantages for any PCB product we produce. Our capability is designed for complex PCB manufacturing technology, such as BGA, micro BGA, QFN, DFN, PoP, leadless modules and sub 0.4mm device technology.



True High Mix Capability

Our flagship SMT line is used for 'Ultra High Mix' production, using three SMT machines in unison for the ultimate in SMT flexibility. Our trilogy line can accept over 500 different component types in one pass, using 8, 16 or 24 high speed placement heads simultaneously. This line is equipped with our MY700 twin head jet printer and Nitrogen (N2) reflow line for complex/HDI production for NPI to medium volume production.  


 Key elements of our SMT assembly service

  • High mix, low to medium volume PCBA production
  • 3 x fully automated production lines, with 7 SMT machines
  • 3 x solder jet printing systems
  • Complex PCBA capability
  • Specialists in complex SMT technology: BGA, WSCP, PoP, µBGA, 01005, 0201, 0402
  • Asscon vapour phase soldering with vacuum processing
  • ERSA Hotflow Nitrogen (N2) reflow soldering
  • BTU Convection reflow soldering
  • 3 x AOI systems from Mirtec with 3D capability
  • X-Ray inspection systems with automatic void detection
  • Ersascope inspection, X-Tek X-Ray, Extra Eye & ERSA650 IR rework station
  • Aegis Factory Logix front end tools
  • Full material tracking and consumption with intelligent barcodes



Advanced PCB Reflow Capability

Nitrogen reflow line at Gemini Tec LtdOur production process is supported with vapour phase, nitrogen (N2) and convection reflow enabling us to work with a wide range of standard and advanced materials of varying rigidity. These reflow technologies allows us to seamlessly match processes and achieve a higher level of joint integrity for small and complex SMT components.

Our jet printing capability allows us to process very complex PCB's. We can process the widest range of SMT component technology available, including PoP (Package on Package) leadless, uBGA and SMT devices that require small and tightly controlled thermal process windows.

Nitrogen (N2) reflow provides a fully inert atmosphere during the reflow process. The addition of nitrogen removes oxygen within the critical ramp up and reflow phase, ensuring solder joints are not compromised by unwanted oxidisation. 

Vapour phase technology provides an even heat distribution across the PCBA during reflow. The use of a Galden as a heat transfer medium also ensures PCB products are not exposed to excessive heat temperatures that affect board and solder joint integrity. Vapour phase reflow is ideal for all SMT products and provides distinct advantages for heavy copper, flex and flex-rigid applications. Read our FAQ's page by clicking this link FAQ's on vapour phase technology. 

We have a wide range of reflow options to best suit our customers PCBA application, processing high mix PCBAs and complex component technology to ensure the highest level of joint integrity. 


Advanced PCBA Validation Process

To ensure the correct validation of all PCB products, we use a full range of comprehensive tools. This includes Mirtec 3D AOI inspection, fibre optic Ersascope cameras and comprehensive methods of X-Ray inspection to ensure all products are fully compliant to IPC class 3 standards.

Skilled IPC technicians complete any second stage PTH assembly by hand or with automated soldering machines. We have automatic equipment for press fit components, cable assemblies and wire looms. Products can be cleaned using ultrasonic or aqueous washing methods and conformal coating is available in house for fast-track orders.




Second Stage Assembly

Our trained IPC technicians use temperature controlled Wellar, Ersa and Metcal soldering irons to produce products to IPC class 2 & 3 build standards. 

PTH components can be automatically soldered using our CMS400 wave soldering machine, which is complete with a cropmatic machine. Our lead-free wave solder system supports large format PCB boards and used daily to manufacture customer orders from one off PCBA's through to many thousands per batch.G-Tec Solder Jet Printing

For selected products we can provide 'Pin in Paste' where our solder jet printers apply the solder paste, allowing the component to be inserted prior to reflow. 

We have specialist operators who can conduct complex wire mods and complex re-work to PCBA's if ever required. We have in house press-fit capability, using semi automatic pressing tools, supported by in house tooling design and manufacture. 


  • PTH plated through hole assembly
  • Wave solder reflow assembly process
  • Press fit applications with pneumatic pressing equipment
  • Wire looms
  • Cable assemblies with automatic process equipment 





Build & Test Process

Skilled IPC technicians complete any second stage assembly required, this includes hand soldering and press fit components, or using automated wave soldering techniques. Products can be cleaned using ultrasonic or aqueous washing methods and we also have Conformal Coating in-house using a controlled spray booth or using our PVA fully automated selective spraying system. Our test department provides any required end of line or functional test prior to customer integration or box build. 






Digital integration

Our powerful MRP software is used to organise and procure materials, integrate with data engineering and configure the production workflow. We have applied our bespoke eTMR system across our production processes which efficiently configures customer data to provide control and visibility across the business. Tracking and recording all operations via unique barcoding provides project updates in real time and traceability for product conformance. This provides us with the following features:


  • All the materials are scanned into ESD totes to track and trace their location and quantity consumed during the production process.
  • Technical data is passed seamlessly into our SMT machines for numerous benefits
  • To configure the most efficient 'set up' time and build process
  • Validate the correct components have been presented to the SMT line
  • Conduct electrical test to various SMT components
  • Correctly track & manage MSL related activity, such as exposure times per component


This e-TMR software is our digital route card, used to drive operations and workflow order. In addition to status reporting, e-TMR allows us to communicate and control sensitive instructions directly with our technicians when works orders are in progress. This highly effective two-way system allows us to collect, store and share valuable information internally and with our customers to inform system and pPTH Assembly at Gemini Tec roduct improvements.


Our passionate teams deliver a world class service, are committed to providing the highest quality products and put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We support our customers with PCBA applications, working from concept to completion starting with the PCB design layout, through to NPI and finally production.



To discuss how we can help you or to arrange a visit to our plant, please contact the commercial team on +44 (0)1252 333 444





What do our customers think?

"Using Gemini Tec has been a breath of fresh air, delivering product on time and often ahead of planned deliveries to aid DSL in delivering urgent orders to its customers. DSL has historically worked with at least 2 sub-contract manufacturers, but given our confidence in your service and ability we have attained over the years, we have taken the unprecedented move to single source with Gemini"