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Adam Harsant (Managing Director) reflected on the recent success and achievements that have been made at Gemini Tec, as featured in the 2023 annual edition of Electronics Sourcing magazine. 

Approaching its 50th anniversary, Gemini Tec has strong core values, a focused approach to sustainability and continual investment in its operations.

Adam said: “As a business, we have been resolute in ensuring customers benefit from our market leading capabilities and process expertise by continuing to manufacture complex electronic products whilst balancing the challenges of the wider supply chain market".

A further 10,000 sqft opened at our CEM facility in Aldershot during early 2022. This major increase in capacity was created to help more customers migrate towards final product assembly and test, which forms part of Gemini New PCBA assembly facility at Gemini TecTec's growth strategy.

The ESD controlled area is producing a range of products, including a range of low volume mechanical assemblies and higher volume PPAP approved on vehicle parts for T1 automotive customers. 

The expansion has also allowed a dedicated focus on the manufacture of cable assemblies and associated crimping to support the various products we manufacture.

G-Tec EV

Whilst our CEM factory uses the very latest in process technology to support customers with complex printed circuit board assemblies, we also have firm commitments to ESG.

One contribution is our last mile fully electric delivery vehicle. We use this vehicle to safely transport materials from our warehouse, directly into the production lines.

Once a works order is released from our material warehouse, we scan the barcoded ESD totes directly to dedicated receiving locations for the first manufacturing operation to start.

Our material handling system allows full visibility of each and every component used on a product build, allowing us to monitor the precise location within our facility and mange the quantity consumed.

Our fully digital system keeps a permanent record of every event for full traceability and control over all materials.

We love our zero emission EV, with its low-profile sports alloys, red sports callipers, and tinted windows... a close second to any Tesla!

Gemini Tec are fully committed to significant capital investment in world class production capability and have invested in Nitrogen reflow soldering for 2021. This latest investment increases capacity and capability for HDI and ultra complex PCBA production. And with demand increasing for our CEM services, we're delighted to increase support for our customers, including those working within the automotive and aerospace sectors.  

Investment in the latest ERSA Hotflow 4/14 reflow oven from ERSA in Germany will deliver the latest capability to our flagship 'Trilogy' surface mount line, allowing for increased production volumes of complex SMT products, where high reliability is a pre-requisite.

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