Third Mycronic solder jet printer in 2019 for Gemini Tec Ltd
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Gemini Tec invest in its third Mycronic solder jet printing platform for 2019. Adding the latest Mycronic dual print head MY700 solder jet printer.

MY700 Solder Jet Printer at Gemini Tec

Gemini Tec adopted a 100% stencil free process over 11 years ago, being the only UK CEM to offer this technical advantage. The latest MY700 jet printer will further compliment its paste printing platforms of MY500 and MY600, adding further technical capacity to its CEM process capability. Gemini Tec offer a unique service with this mix of process capability, ensuring it can provide true world class capability to its growing customer base.

MY700 Advantages: 


The latest MY700 is now equipped with dual heads, this allows two paste dispensing heads to be used simultaneously to increase the speed of printing and the mix of solder paste dots. This reduces the cycle time below the average screen printing times, yet still retains more accuracy and repeatability than stencil printing. 

New ejectors can now provide smaller 'solder paste dots' when customers are using small and complex devices, such as on 01005 and sub 0.3 mm BGA devices. The ability to reflow smaller dots and ensure conformance is made possible with the use of vapour phase reflow, which is widely available a Gemini Tec with two Asscon vapour phase reflow ovens.

The latest Myrconic MY700 adds more capacity for flexible substrates, LED boards, cavities, and package-on-package applications without any technical constraints. The non-contact nozzles that jet solder paste with high precision makes every solder paste deposit perfect, reducing the need for any re-work and increasing production throughput. 

The dual-lane option allows for efficient handling of boards and is equipped with a state-of-the art vision system providing fiducial recognition on-the-fly and accurate laser height measurement to automatically compensate for board stretch and warpage that will secure the quality of the dispensing result.

More about Gemini:

Gemini Tec is a sub-contract electronics manufacture, supporting prototypes to medium size production orders, typically 1 to 10,000 units.

We offer a complete end-to-end service offers customers PCB layout using the latest Altium tools, through to finished product assembly and test.

We provide a range of services to help our customers outsource their custom built hardware, and with world-class technology, such as solder jet printing, we provide a unique service to deliver high yield and high reliability products for demanding SMT products.

If you are looking for a technically capable CEM partner for: Surface mount PCB assembly, contract PCB assembly or PCB related products, please contact Gemini Tec for more information on how we can help your organisation.

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