Second Asscon vapour phase reflow oven in 2018 for Gemini Tec Ltd
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Gemini Tec have installed and commissioned its second Asscon vapour phase reflow soldering oven and the UK's first VP2000 fully in-line reflow oven.

Our latest oven has now been added to our Mycronic MY200 Synergy SMT line, along with our MY600 solder jet printer. The investment vastly increases our reflow capacity and capability enabling a wide variety of product volumes to be produced. Our MY200 line is currently fully equipped with NuTek loading and unloading equipment, and uses fully automated transport conveyors to deliver bare boards through the entire SMT build process, removing any risk of defects in production due to handling and alignment.


This latest round of investment provides a fully in-line and automated process for vapour phase reflow, ensuring Gemini Tec remain at the forefront in manufacturing complex PCBA's for its growing customer base and batch sizes.

Gemini Tec initially adopted vapour phase reflow in 2015 and have once again chosen Asscon to provide its latest investment, who were pioneers in this leading-edge process and lead the market in vapour phase reflow.


 VP2000 Board In

  Major benefits of vapour phase reflow soldering:

  • No more overheating of the assemblies, because the boiling point of the heat transfer fluid defines the maximal soldering temperature. Therefore, vapour phase soldering is ideally usable for lead free solder processes.
  • Continuous heating-up at the complete assembly even with different assembly parts and assembly mass.
  • Oxygen free soldering process without application of any protective gas.
  • Efficient use of energy due to the high heat transfer coefficient of the medium, compared with air, nitrogen or radiation. Therefore, operating costs are significantly reduced compared to convection.

New to this technology? Read the FAQ's here 'More about vapour phase reflow'

Visit the web page of ASSCON Systemtechnik-Elektronik GmbH, global leaders in vapour phase reflow. 

External resource relating to the benefits of vapour phase for void reduction:


More about Gemini:

Gemini Tec is a sub-contract electronics manufacture, supporting prototypes to medium size production orders, typically 1 to 10,000 units.

Our complete end-to-end service offers customers PCB layout using the latest Altium tools, through to finished product assembly and test.

We provide a range of services to help our customers outsource their custom built hardware, and with world-class technology, such as solder jet printing, we provide a unique service to deliver high yield and high reliability products for demanding SMT products.


If you are looking for a technically capable CEM partner for: Surface mount PCB assembly, contract PCB assembly or PCB related products, please contact Gemini Tec for more information on how we can help your organisation.

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