Another UK first with Asscon vapour phase reflow soldering in 2018 for Gemini Tec Ltd
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Gemini Tec have confirmed a further investment into vapour phase reflow soldering technology for 2018.

The UK's first VP2000 line will be added to one of its Mycronic surface mount lines line shortly, increasing capacity for all series production orders. The investment forms part of a series of technology upgrades through 2018 & 2019. The choice to add more capability has been taken due to the outstanding results of its Asscon VP800 vapour phase reflow oven.     

Commenting on the latest news, Adam Harsant:

"We've had great feedback from our customers over the last year, since we installed our VP800 system and started to produce high complexity boards with this process. Now we feel the time is right to invest heavily in this technology to process our series production orders using the same process. And with our surface mount lines being fully automated, we now need to balance our production times for our higher volume orders "

"This reflow capability has already provided many distinct process advantages, but has also driven up the efficiency by removing the traditional problems found with creating and engineering oven profiles" 


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More about Asscon & vapour phase reflow:

The Company ASSCON Systemtechnik-Elektronik GmbH was founded in 1995 as a development and manufacturing association for progressive and innovative Vapour Phase Reflow Soldering Systems. The company supports a global customer base.

Vapour Phase Soldering, also well known as Condensation Soldering, uses for the heating-up process of the assemblies the thermal energy which is emitted by phase change of the heat transfer medium from gas-like to liquid state. This phase change (Condensation) at the complete surface of the solder piece lasts as long until the assembly has reached the temperature of the vapour. Due to the high vapour density and the liquid film as a result of condensation, the complete heating-up process takes place at an oxygen free environment. The transferred quantity of heat is linear to the supplied heating energy.

Following advantages are resulting with these physical principles:

  • No more overheating of the assemblies, because the boiling point of the heat transfer fluid defines the maximal soldering temperature. Therefore vapour phase soldering is ideally usable for lead free solder processes.
  • Continuous heating-up at the complete assembly even with different assembly parts and assembly mass.
  • Oxygen free soldering process without application of any protective gas.
  • Efficient use of energy due to the high heat transfer coefficient of the medium, compared with air, nitrogen or radiation. Therefore operating costs are significant reduced compared with the other Soldering Technologies as radiation and convection.


More about Gemini:

Gemini Tec is a sub-contract electronics manufacture, supporting prototypes to medium size production orders, typically 1 to 10,000 units.

Our complete end-to-end service offers customers PCB layout using the latest Altium tools, through to finished product assembly and test.

We provide a range of services to help our customers outsource their custom built hardware, and with world-class technology, such as solder jet printing, we provide a unique service to deliver high yield and high reliability products for demanding SMT products.


If you are looking for a technically capable CEM partner for: Surface mount PCB assembly, contract PCB assembly or PCB related products, please contact Gemini Tec for more information on how we can help your organisation.

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