New wave soldering capability with CMS400 at Gemini Tec Ltd
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Despite the ever increasing demand for smaller surface mount board designs, there’s still a need and desire for reliable conventional PCB assemblies in the UK.

During July we upgraded our thru-hole processing capability, by installing a new Blundell CMS400LF wave soldering machine at our contract PCB assembly factory in Aldershot, Hampshire.

This newest addition to our fleet has been made to allow Gemini to process more conventional PCB assemblies and optimise the process route for any PTH components. As most PCB assemblies have some form of 'PTH' parts mounted, this process update will allow more PCB assemblies to be 'reflow wave soldered' allowing us to decrease production cycle times and provide our customers with a more enhanced PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly service.


Whilst wave soldering is typically known for high volume applications, our updated process is viable for low volume orders, prototypes and even double sided SMT boards - thanks to some clever engineering from the production team at Gemini Tec.  

More about Gemini:

Gemini Tec is a sub-contract electronics manufacture, supporting prototypes to medium size production orders, typically 1 to 10,000 units.

Our complete end-to-end service offers customers PCB layout using the latest Altium tools, through to finished product assembly and test.

We provide a range of services to help our customers outsource their custom built hardware, and with world-class technology, such as solder jet printing, we provide a unique service to deliver high yield and high reliability products for demanding SMT products.


If you are looking for a technically capable CEM partner for: Surface mount PCB assembly, contract PCB assembly or PCB related products, please contact Gemini Tec for more information on how they can help your organisation.

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