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Further investment in optical inspection technolgy, as G-Tec introduces its third Mirtec AOI machine.

The additional MIRTEC MV3L system provides more enhanced inspection capability at its surface mount PCB assembly facility for 2015 and beyond...

The decision to add additional capability and capacity was taken due to a significant increase in demand for its SMT manufacturing services. This news further echoes the thoughts of many who see that UK CEM’s are well positioned to support customers who trade within Europe and the wider global market. 

Gemini Tec has recently won a major contract to manufacture a suite of highly complex electronic PCB products for use within the transportation infrastructure market sector. The success of this contract win was primarily based on the use of ‘solder jet printing technology’ to ensure product reliability.

The additional Mirtec MV3 was purchased to ensure the increase in business could be inspected 100% for compliance and conformance to IPC class 3 standards. The latest Mirtec MV3 will compliment its fleet of MV3 AOI systems, to ensure product compliance is beyond customer expectation for now and in for future growth.

Why did Gemini Tec choose Mirtec again?

Unlike traditional AOI systems that have a limited field of view, the Mirtec MV3 is feature rich with technologies that include 10 mega-pixel and 9.8 micron cameras to provide superior speed and accuracy in correctly identify any potential production concerns within the manufacturing process. And with five cameras to provide full coverage, even the smallest of defects can be identified early in the process.

Our AOI inspection department has a team of eight IPC trained staff, who use three additional offline inspection stations that compliment the AOI machines. This allows the optimum accuracy to be achieved during the programming stages of any new products. The increased capacity also ensures we can maintain our strict 100% inspection criteria for all products produced.

The AOI inspection department can also service the needs of offline investigation, with unique serial ID tracking to each and every PCBA in production, creating valuable record keeping and important SPC data, this will prove significant when Gemini Tec seeks to obtain the AS9100 aerospace quality approval.

Gemini Tec often produces SMT products with densely populated surface mount areas that prove highly challenging for traditional single camera AOI systems to handle. Single camera systems often result in obscured fields of vision, which prompts too many 'false error calls' – leading to a misinterpretation of good and bad board defects.

Even defective components, such as fine pitch connectors, that arrive with lifted pins have previously been extremely difficult to locate with single camera systems. Only the use of side view optics, intense magnification and clever software can reveal the hidden surprises that effect product quality. Removing failures and suspect issues ahead of any functional test or delivery, reduces the cost of rework and the cost of manufacture for both Gemini and its customers.

Thankfully the fleet on MV3 systems in place at Gemini Tec provides the advanced inspection capability required to meet today’s demanding high mix product manufacture, and ensure long term customer satisfaction.

Commenting on the latest investment at Gemini Tec was Adam Harsant (Director)

“Our core business is surface mount PCB assembly, often with complex SMT devices. To ensure complete product conformance, the Mirtec MV3 series of AOI machines meets our needs with ease and we are extremely pleased to welcome another Mirtec AOI system into our busy inspection department.

With our continued growth its imperative that we invest correctly to increase our capacity and capability to support our growing customer base with a level of quality that is superior”

More about Gemini:

Gemini Tec supports rapid prototyping to medium size production orders. From PCB layout, using Altium design tools, through to finished build and test, Gemini Tec provides a range of services to help its customers outsource their custom built hardware. With world-class technology, such as solder jet printing, we provide a unique service and deliver high yield and high reliability products to all our customers.

If you are looking for a technically capable CEM partner for surface mount and PCB related products, please contact Gemini Tec for more information on how we can help your organisation.

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