£600K Investment in surface mount & solder jet printing capability at Gemini Tec Ltd
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The latest Mycronic technology for 2015 and beyond.

We have now fully intergrated our latest SMT production line, consisting of two MYSX14 placement machines, the UKs first MY600 jet printer,  and BTU 7-zone reflow oven, complimented with automated board loading, handling and transportation and post reflow unloading.

2014 has seen a major rise in new customer orders at Gemini Tec, leading us to expand our SMT capability and capacity. At the centre of our SMT operation we have now fully commissioned two further Mycronic SMT placement machines, along with more solder jet printing technology, providing a substantial increase in capacity.

New Synergy SMT line. Our latest Synergy line includes two SX14 large format SMT placement machines that can accept over 350 part types in one set up. Such large feeder capacity allows us to produce high mix product types. The Synergy advantage allows us to use two SMT machines simultaneously or individually depending on the mix of boards being produced. Offline planning software calculates the optimum method to build assemblies, driving the optimum efficiency at all times. A new BTU Pyramax 7 zone oven has been added to cater for reflow.

New solder jet printing capability. The corner stone of our processing capability comes through solder jet printing and we are pleased to be the first UK CEM to invest in the latest range of solder jet printers, the MY600. This latest printer provides solder paste application to the same exacting standards as our current MY500 jet printer, yet with a marked increase in paste write speeds of upto 50%. This speed gain allows us to produce boards with lower price points and maintain shorter build times.

More Agilis feeders. Additional investment of over 100K has been made in more Mycronic Agilis feeders. Using Agilis feeders allows us to rationalise material consumption, providing valuable savings to customers through material usage. Agilis feeders also allow us to enjoy fast set up times for every order produced and maintain short changeover times. This capability is imperative for maintaining our rapid delivery service.

Additional line automation. In keeping with our strategy for efficiency, we have added a full suite of board loading equipment, including automatic conveyors to feed the PCBs through the SMT process, in-line inspection and oven reflow, before being automatically unloaded, ready for the next production operation.


Can we help you?

As we enter 2015, we have capacity to engage with even more customers. If you are involved in the manufacture of SMT and complex SMT electronic hardware, we can provide you with the technical advantages of our solder jet printing capability. We provide a friendly and professional level of service that can be tailored to meet a wide range of unique requirements.

All your products will be ethically 'Made in the UK' with great care and attention. Our complete CEM operation is located at our superbly equipped and ESD controlled facility in Hampshire. If you would like to know more about the services we provide and establish a potential business fit, please contact Adam Harsant in the first instance.


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