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The first UK CEM to invest in a 2nd Solder Jet Printer. Gemini Tec have ordered the latest edition MY600 solder jet printer from MYCRONIC AB (Formerly MYDATA).

A second solder jet printer has now been ordered for our surface mount facility in Hampshire UK. Back in 2008 Gemini Tec installed the UK's first solder jet paste printer and now in 2014 we are the first UK CEM to introduce the latest MY600 printer.  

MYCRONIC'S next generation of solder jet printers, known as the MY600, has been designed to suit higher speed & volume surface mount assembly applications.

This next-generation Jet Printer now enables Gemini to achieve optimal solder joints with up to a 50% increase in speed, against our current jet printer.  The introduction of this high-performance platform will allow new production capacity for customers who are struggling to mount difficult components using classic screen printers. Solder jet paste printing technology removes the limitations posed by screen printing with traditional solder paste dispensers, and can achieve new levels of reliability for flexible substrates, board cavities, package-on-package, QFNs and new components with small process windows.

With the increasing demand for larger batch production orders from its customer base, the MY600 now overcomes the speed limitations and still provides the optimal quality for SMT assemblies.

Solder jet printing has transformed the experiences for our customers, and now the benefit of this technology can be supplied to higher volume orders. The new MY600 will be operating with its own MYCRONIC (MYDATA) 'Synergy' surface mount line. The current MY500 solder jet printer will remain in place and fully utilised, to support rapid delivery prototype and low volume orders.

Company Director Adam Harsant comments on the latest solder jet printing news.

"This latest investment is an new and exciting chapter in the development of our business. We are expanding our entire operation to ensure we can support our customers future needs and seek to help a range of new customer looking to benefit from this revolutionary technology."

"Our customers know the value this technology has provided and now we can support higher volume production orders with the same great benefits"

"Now with two solder jet printing systems our capacity has increased significantly. With a continued increase in activity from our customer base, together with a marked uptake in customers choosing to work with us, we are well positioned to deliver more of our great service" 

Gemini Tec use solder jet printing technology across its entire manufacturing process, for all customer orders. This unique technology removes the constraints of stencil printing and ensures high yield product assembly, regardless of quantity. The new MY600 will be producing customer orders during September 2014 onwards.

If you would like to PCB assembly contracts with the benefits of using solder jet printing and the latest MY600 platform, simply complete the contact form and we will make contact with you.

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