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From red & blue taped manual artworks, to the latest Altium design tools....

Find out about our experienced PCB layout service and why we use Altium tools exclusively at Gemini Tec.

From our origins way back in 1978 and operating from a small office above a small shop in North Camp in Farnborough, Gemini commenced life by providing a PCB design service with red & blues artworks and lots of black sticky tape!

A team of ten layout engineers worked seven days a week to compile PCB layouts for single and double-sided keyboard based products. Today, powerful Altium based software has replaced the need for numerous PCB designers, allowing us to generate complex high-speed digital PCB designs in only a matter of days. 

With almost four decades of experience in PCB technology, creating designs is a core competency at Gemini Tec. Our direct experience in the manufacturing of blank PCB's gives us valuable knowledge and insight to the many un-written rules and techniques required to compile a good PCB design. Yields through the PCB manufacturing process can vary greatly, depending on the quality of the finished PCB layout. And without sufficient thought and consideration at the PCB design phase, we often see valuable time lost and costs increased.  

As the placement of devices has moved from simple SMT components to cutting edge BGA/PoP devices, the rules and good practices of PCB design have never been so important. As a layout company we give full consideration to the key component, the PCB. The PCB is typically the most expensive component on the BoM and its design can easily effect the build process and 'in-field' performance. 

Paul Bennett, our senior Altium designer is heading towards 40 years experience with Gemini Tec and 15 years on the Altium design system. Paul is highly experienced at using Altium along with many aspects of the PCB layout process. In this short video Paul shares his views on the use of Altium design tools - which is the design tool of choice for Gemini Tec.


As a dedicated Altium PCB design house, we can create schematics or simply provide the PCB layout. Our experience and in-house factory allow us to provide an end-to-end service, optimising the route from PCB design to finished production. Our commitment to support customers has moved from strength to strength over the years. We provide a focused service, coupled with real experience in PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly to provide our customers with valuable advantages.

If you are looking for a reliable, dependable and experienced CEM with Altium layout experience, contact us today to find out more about how we can help you in 2015 and beyond....


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