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The quality of our Products

The quality of our products and service is testament to our success. In our highly skilled industry we know the importance of reputation and put our customers at the heart of our business.

Gemini Tec has held ISO 9001 certification for over forty years, in addition a holder of Cyber Essentials. We use proven systems and procedures to manufacture our PCB and surface mount products to IPC-A-610 class 2 and class 3 (Level 3, default condition). To support this further all our technicians are trained and individually certified to the recognised IPC standards.

Our business systems and processes are in accordance with AS9100. We only work with a proven and trusted supply chain, providing optional assurance over counterfeit devices with conformance to AS6081 (Level A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6)

We produce in accordance with AS9100 requirements with fully traceable parts and procedures. To ensure our capability is fully compliant, we have qualified in-house trainers and instructors to ensure the requirements of the IPC and J-STD are met across our manufacturing processes. We provide products that meet IPC CH-65A and J-STANDARD 001-D which are the recognised industry standards for medical applications.

Our manufacturing process supports RoHS (Lead Free) and Non-RoHS (Leaded) assembly. The cleaning of PCB assemblies is carried out with either ultrasonic and/or vapour cleaning or by aqueous process capability. All processes are complemented with full ionic contamination testing capability.  

Products manufactured by Gemini Tec Ltd will carry the quality mark: G-Icon4

In summary

  • We are certified to ISO 9001
  • We operate in accordance with all AS9100 requirements
  • We hold Cyber Essentials
  • Our manufacturing process supports RoHS and Non-RoHS assemblies
  • We have in house trainers to deliver and produce to IPC requirements
  • All products are traceable as a minimum standard

You can download a copy of our latest ISO 9001:2015 certification here: pdfG-Tec ISO9001 Certificate Expires Oct 2024.pdf


Mycronic MY700 Jet Printer at Gemini Tec SMT production with inspection stage conveyor ERSA Nitrogen oven for high reliability PCBA production

The quality of the service we provide

After four decades in business, Gemini Tec remains committed to delivering a professional service that our customers continue to recommend. Our reputation was built by providing the very best technology products with exceptional levels of customer service for time critical orders.

We maintain this position by investing in our loyal staff, technical capability and infrastructure. Our ability to react and implement information quickly allows us to offer the fastest manufacturing service for rapid prototypes. Our extensive manufacturing capability allows us to support customers with small to medium volume production orders.

To ensure our continued success we have a customer centric culture that appreciates and understands the needs of our clients. We are focused on delivering a manufacturing service that adds commercial value and exceeds customer expectations.


Gemini Tec Cyber Essentials accredited ROHS LOGOALTIUMXJTAG enabled kitemarkm2


Privacy Policy:

We are GDPR compliant and securely handle sensitive data and customer IP, including any personal information you share with us. We never disclose or sell information to external companies and its use is solely to provide the highest levels of service and relevant material to you. In line with GDPR requirements, you can view our privacy policy here. In line with GDPR requirements we have a brief policy: Click Here


Our passionate teams deliver a world class service, are committed to providing the highest quality products and put our customers at the heart of everything we do. If you would like to discuss your project or visit our industry leading facility, please contact us on +44 (0) 1252 333 444 

Or download our company overview here: G-Tec Company Profile