Our surface mount production service is suited to SMT and complex SMT technology. We operate exclusively with Mycronic jet paste printing and placement equipment, placing over 5 million components per month, with batch sizes ranging from 2 to 5000. 

MY700-MY200-Synergy SMT line at Gemini Tec

Our fleet of five Mycronic SMT placement machines are fully automated, with automatic board handling, transportation conveyors and in-line reflow. All our SMT lines are configured with intelligent Agilis feeders for end-to-end efficiency using fully integrated material handling to optimise SMT set up times. 


Our SMT facility is the only UK based CEM with three solder jet printers, providing customers with speed, flexibility and increased product quality for BGA, micro BGA, QFN, DFN, PoP, leadless and complex component parts.  

Our flagship MY200 'Synergy' line is capable of accepting 354 different component types in one pass, making it ideal for high density products. Reflow is provided by a fully in-line vapour phase oven, capable of processing small to medium volume orders. Vapour phase provides numerous technical advantages over the traditional methods. Read our FAQ's page by clicking this link FAQ's on vapour phase technology.


Key elements of our SMT PCB assembly service:In-line vapour phase reflow at Gemini Tec 

  • High mix, low and medium volume orders.
  • True world class capability with solder jet printing [MY500 & MY600 & MY700 printing platforms]
  • Automated SMT lines, providing fast and flexible production. [3 lines/5 SMT Platforms]
  • Asscon vapour phase reflow ovens, with vacuum processing.
  • Mirtec AOI inspection with 5-axis cameras. [3 systems]
  • X-Ray, Ersascope, ERSA650 IR rework station.
  • Complex SMT capability, BGA, PoP, µBGA, 01005,0201, 0402.



Our entire SMT process is supported with solder jet printing technology, allowing us to work with the latest array of component technologies and substrates, including flex flex-rigid, in-board cavity, PoP devices (Package on Package) and devices with small process windows. 


In-process inspection is completed by experienced IPC quality engineers, supported with a range of tools such as five camera axis AOI inspection systems from Mirtec, for advanced defect detection. Ersascope cameras and real time X-Ray are also used to assist with product validation.

MY600 - MY200 Synergy SMT line at Gemini Tec


Powerful resource planning software is used to organise and plan our manufacturing workflow, enabling us to produce a high mix of customer orders during all production shifts. 





If you are looking to work with an experienced and capable CEM, contact us to arrange a meeting and discuss your requirements in more detail. Tel +44 (0) 1252 333 444




Customer feedback on the service we provide:

"Using Gemini Tec has been a breath of fresh air, delivering product on time and often ahead of planned deliveries to aid DSL in delivering urgent orders to its customers. DSL has historically worked with at least 2 sub-contract manufacturers, but given our confidence in your service and ability we have attained over the years, we have taken the unprecedented move to single source with Gemini"