3D AOI Inspection at Gemini Tec
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G-Tec 3D AOI Department

Our QA assessment team is equipped with the very latest 3D AOI inspection equipment for advanced process control and defect detection. 

Mirtec are the market leaders and award winners in 3D AOI technology. The OMNI Vision 3D machines are equipped with world class Moire 3D projector technology and lighting systems for a precise measurement using advanced analysis algorithms. The system combines 3D, 2D and lateral inspection to build a full picture of each device and accurately identify any failure modes.

Higher levels of inspection are achieved by referencing the physical pad data and simultaneously inspecting the multiple surfaces of each component, including J-Lead, No-Lead and the bottom solder of coil type parts for acceptability. FOD located outside of the typical inspection area can now be included within the inspection process. 

3D AOI inspection of a typical SMT connector provides a full 3D image of the placement with accurate measurements of the physical features for the correct validation process.    




 3D AOI Offline Programming

Technical benefits translate into superior quality products:

Advancements in 3D AOI inspection technology has reduced both downtime and false errors within our inspection process. The benefits provide direct benefit to our customers product quality:

  • Increased efficiency with fast offline programming 
  • Off line and real time de-bug
  • Fault verification with serial number tracking
  • Improved inspection process with deep learning AI and auto-teaching
  • Vastly reduced 'false calls' removing operator dependency
  • Higher downstream productivity
  • Higher yields at functional test/ICT/flying probe
  • Granular levels of details checked on all PCBA applications
  • True co-planarity and solder volume inspection, back to our customers design



Complementary Processes:

AOI inspection is a standard process applied to all products we manufacture at G Tec, regardless of quantity and technology.  

We also use additional inspection tools for product and process validation including regular microscopes, Ersascope fibre optic cameras and X-Ray inspection. We currently have two X-Ray platforms (X-Tek and Scienscope) providing the widest range of inspection capability which includes automatic void detection and PTH barrel fill inspection.G-Tec Auto Void Detection X-Ray


Our passionate teams deliver a world class service, are committed to providing the highest quality products and put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We support our customers with PCBA applications, working from concept to completion starting with the PCB design layout, through to NPI and finally production.

To find out more about our CEM service, including 3D AOI inspection or arrange a visit to our plant, please contact the commercial team on +44 (0)1252 333 444