Complex SMT Assembly Capability
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As a fully inclusive CEM service provider, we enjoy an enviable reputation for delivering the highest levels of production value and service. Since the early 1990's, we have been working with technically challenging surface mount products and complex SMT devices, we have a comprehensive range of equipment to ensure product conformance. 

Our capability allows us to work the latest array of component technology available. High technology components have 'small process windows', where the control of the solder paste application and reflow is critical for conformance. To support this capability we have a robust and documented quality audit process that checks the quality of the product at each stage of manufacture. We use two different X-Ray inspection platforms to examine and measure every aspect of our customers products for conformance. 

G-Tec Scienscope auto void detection X-Ray system

Our experienced IPC trained engineers have a full range of tools available. Some examples of these are as follows:

X-Scope 3000 X-Ray


Scienscope X-Scope 3000

Our Scienscope X-Scope 3000 X-Ray system has feature rich tools for advanced defect detection including automatic void detection.

The X-Scope has many features which improve efficiency such as detection at 5µ to cover a wide range of components beyond µBGA, QFN's and leadless devices including over moulded components, semiconductors and the accurate analysis of barrel fill of PTH components.

The system uses a powerful 130kV tube, with ±50° and can accept large format products up to 575mm X 450mm.

Bespoke reporting is available for each PCBA providing fully documented evidence of target components. Automated programs are created and executed to scan each PCBA to ensure every target device is checked and validated, removing human error and subjective opinion. Output reports can be created and traced by serial number and supplied as standard within FAIR reports. 



X-Tek X-Ray system

Our X-Tek X-Ray system supports our production engineers with fast validation as part of the first off reporting process.

This X-Ray system provides a full 350° coverage for inspection, using a powerful 160kV tube to observe a wide range of objects. The system can accept large format PCBAs, up to 580mm x 580mm.





Solder Jet Printing for complex PCB assembly

In addition to X-Ray inspection our capability to assemble complex PCB hardware is far reaching with the use of Mycronic solder jet printers. Close control of the solder paste allows us to manufacture PCBAs using the widest range of component technology available, including BGA's, QFN, CSP, WSP, 01005, micro BGA and technically challenging leadless devices. 

Solder jet printing allows the solder paste deposits to be closely controlled across the X, Y and Z axis. Features such as laser alignment and SPI allow us to process 3D boards, PoP devices, RF components, parts mounted inside board cavities and complex RF shielding cans.

We operate exclusively with solder jet printing and all our SMT lines are equipped with state-of-the-art solder jet printersto ensure all customers benefit from this leading edge capability


Our passionate teams deliver a world class service, are committed to providing the highest quality products and put our customers at the heart of everything we do. If you work with SMT and complex parts, including BGA, QFN, PoP and would like to discuss your project or visit our industry leading facility, please contact us on +44 (0) 1252 333 444

 Complex SMT assemblies at Gemini Tec

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"Thank you for your efforts in producing this first run of products using the 0.4 mm Package-On-Package device, we are pleased to say we have passed 100% of the batch - and we can now move ahead to production very soon"