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Advanced X-Ray Inspection for Efficient Production

Advanced Defect Detection including automatic void detection

Improved efficiency with
X-Ray Inspection Tools
including HDI &
ultra-complex SMT technology

“We are beyond impressed by the attention to detail in your engineering process and addressing errors ahead of production. It’s these critical details that set Gemini Tec apart from other CEMS.” Transportation Sector

Quality Checks at Each Stage of your PCB Manufacture

Your project undergoes a meticulous quality audit using a robust, well-documented process. We use two different X-Ray inspection platforms to comprehensively examine and measure every aspect of your products to ensure full conformance. 

Scienscope X-Scope 3000

Offers detection at 5µ,

covering a broad spectrum of components ranging beyond µBG, QFNs, and leadless devices.

Accurately analyses over-molded components, semiconductors

and precisely assesses the barrel fill of PTH components.

Equipped with a robust 130kV tube and a ±50° capability, head solder jet printer,

it accommodates large-format products up to 575mm x 450m.

Automated programs are designed and executed to scan each PCBA,

ensuring thorough validation while eliminating human error and subjective judgments.

Output reports

can be generated, traced by serial number, and are standard in FAIR reports.

X-Tek XT100 X-Ray System with Full Pan/Tilt of 350°

Swift Validation

serves as a crucial component in the initial reporting process to significantly aid production engineering.

Comprehensive 350° Coverage

allows for full inspection.

Robust 160kV Tube

enables observation of an extensive array of objects.

Large-format PCBAs

supports sizes up to 580mm x 580mm.

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Key Benefits of X-Ray Inspection for PCBA Error Proofing.

Safer PCB Inspections:

The X-Ray won’t damage the PCB and its components.

Faster Inspection Process:

Samples don't need to be sent away for analysis and the sample only needs to move through the machine once. This is much faster than solvent testing or visual inspection.

Simultaneous Multiple Qualities Inspection:
  • Blind of buried vias
  • Wrong positions of the decoupling capacitors
  • Solder voids
  • Pin-hole fills
  • Plated through-holes
  • Mistakes in landing patterns of specific elements on the board can be checked
Hi-res Image Comparison:

Different images of the same product can be compared to check for any changes made in a production run that might impact quality. Also enables comparisons between products from different manufacturers at different stages in their life cycle.

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