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World class manufacturing and support for your SMT and complex SMT assemblies

Using industry leading technology, such as solder jet printing, vapour phase reflow, Nitrogen reflow and 3D AOI we deliver unrivalled reliability to support a wide range of technologies, industries and volume requirements.

Solder Jet Printing

Fastest Perfect Solder Joint

Removes the limitations of conventional stencil tooling with accurate and consistent application of solder paste directly to each SMT pad on the PCB.

Surface Mount Capability

True High Mix Production

Flagship SMT line for your ‘Ultra High Mix’ production requirements, using three SMT machines in unison for the ultimate in SMT flexibility.

Reflow Soldering

Superior Results

Seamless matching of processes and higher level of joint integrity for small and complex SMT components. Suitable for a wide range of standard and advanced materials.

3D AOI PCB Inspection

Advanced Process Control

Very latest world class 3D AOI PCB inspection equipment for advance process control and defect detection.

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Fully qualified IPC engineers operate all of our advanced tools.

Advanced X-Ray Inspection

Increased Conformance

Advanced defect detection including automatic void detection for robust and documented quality audit process.

Conformal Coating

Rapid NPI to Full Batch Production

Automated and selective spraying for production orders providing highly accurate and repeatable conformal coating

Bespoke Digital MES

Digital Route Card

Efficient configuration of customer data to provide control and visibility across the business. Tracking and recording all operations provides project updates in real time and full traceability for product

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