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Surface Mount Production for High Mix & Complex SMT Products

Whether you need a single board solution or a fully integrated service, our advanced manufacturing centre has the flexibility to adapt to your specific project needs.

Optimised for small to medium batch production

Gemini Tec has been flawlessly delivering volume production orders to our plant for years, integrating them into our automotive programs with unmatched expertise. We can always count on your exceptional service.Automotive T1

Surface Mount PCB Product Manufacturing for High Reliability Applications

We place over 30 million SMT components a year, managing production orders ranging from 2 to 30,000 units across various PCB products. Our expertise extends to complex PCBA products that encompass advanced SMT technologies, including BGA, WSCP, PoP, µBGA, alongside smaller components like 01005, 0201, and 0402.

Cutting-Edge PCB Assembly Equipment

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