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Comprehensive Range of PCBA Test & Inspection Services

Whatever your PCB requirement you can be assured of the highest levels of quality, reliability and compliance for your order with an extensive range of test and inspection options.

Tailored and flexible. 
Customised Testing & Inspection 

Comprehensive PCBA Testing Solutions from Concept to Completion

Functional testing is customised to suit your product’s unique requirements, covering design, implementation, and execution. This includes thorough testing at pre-assembly, during packaging, and prior to delivery, ensuring robust configurations, precise programming, and rigorous verification.

A wide range of tools and capability:

Tailored Testing

“Thank you for your efforts in producing this first run of products using the 0.4 mm Package-On-Package device, we are pleased to say we have passed 100% of the batch – and we can now move ahead to production.”

Production Process Conformance assured with world class inspection tools

X-Ray Inspection of your products at each stage of manufacture

Key Benefits

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