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Solder Jet Printing for Precise Application of Solder Paste Directly onto your PCB Pads

Removing need for traditional  stencil tooling, solder paste jet printing delivers new level of reliability for rigid and flexible substrates, board cavities, package-on-package, QFNs and new components with small process windows. 

Ideal for manufacturing of highly complex electronics and PCB products using SMT technology

“We have found the solder jet printing technology used at Gemini has vastly improved the yields for our high complexity PCB products.” Custom Embedded PCs

Unparalleled Precision with Faster Cycle Times

Experience unrivalled precision for your PCB products by accessing our suite of systems, featuring the state-of-the-art MY700 equipped with twin printing heads.

This setup guarantees faster cycle times while offering small dot capability, catering to sub 0.2mm pad sizes, perfect for HDI technology production.

Why use Solder Jet Printing?

Optimum Reflow Conditions First Time:

Optimum Reflow Conditions First Time: Over 1 million dots per hour to accurately construct the optimum solder paste typography for every pad position on the board.

Seamless Tooling & Engineering:

Tooling is created directly from your ODB++ data (or ASCII CAD) using the Aegis Factory Logix suite, enabling immediate production without stencil design or ordering.

Real Time Edits and Process Improvements:

Digital paste tooling enables superior accuracy and consistent quality without delays or rework, catering to any batch size in even the most complex PCB assemblies.

By optimising the solder paste process we remove the typical production errors, such as floating QFN devices and excessive and insufficient solder, that often lead to poor production yields, higher build costs and unwanted time delays.

Solder Jet Printing vs Traditional Stencil Printing

Solder Jet-Based Printing:


Jet-based printing utilises specialised print heads to precisely dispense solder paste droplets onto PCBs.



PCB Stencil Printing:


Stencil printing, a cornerstone in electronics manufacturing, employs precision-cut stencils to uniformly apply solder paste onto PCBs.



For tooling specifications refer to Data Pack requirements for quotation & manufacture

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