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Technically Advanced PCBA Supply Chain Process

Mitigate production disruptions, cost increases, and potential quality compromises by opting for a proven, bespoke supply chain process, offering reliable and robust inventory management.

Complete Peace of Mind. Component Conformance & Full Traceability Guaranteed

Ensuring On-Time Delivery, Cost Efficiency, and Consistent Component Flow for a Seamless PCBA Route to Market

Outsource the procurement process to us and leverage the commercial advantage of our extensive network of global suppliers and manufacturers, covering everything from bare PCBs to metal enclosures.

Benefit from both the assured component quality this delivers and the comprehensive project oversight offered by our custom Digital MES.

Key Benefits

Utilise our knowledge and in-house technical expertise for Precision Blank PCB Manufacturing

  • Multilayer technology spanning 4-40 layers, featuring controlled impedance, mechanical/laser drilling, and LDI printing.

  • Fine trace and space capabilities at 2.5/2.5 Mil, with hole aspect ratios up to 20:1.

  • Varied PCB laminates such as High Tg FR4, HR370, IS410, P95, Rogers, Taconic, and Arlon.

Optimised Automated Material Handling & Loading

Maximising Production Efficiency

Each item (reel, tape, stick, box, tube, tray) features a unique barcode or carrier ID for complete track and trace capability.

Items are scanned to match your BOM before placement into a specific ESD tote tailored to your order.

ESD totes undergo scans across our facility, ensuring comprehensive visibility for every component.

Unique barcodes seamlessly integrate data into our SMT production environment, enhancing efficiency.

Post-SMT line, carrier IDs are scanned to update or replenish inventory.

Mycronic SMT placement lines with intelligent Agilis feeders accept cut tape, reducing material usage.

Key Benefits

Fastest set up times on our SMT lines
Correct Feeder Assignment and Position
Electrical Test of Components
Counting of Components
Managing MSL Exposure Times for MSD items

Download our recommended BOM format: G-Tec Example BOM.

Efficient Free Issue Materials Management

Quality Handling and Delivery for Your Peace of Mind

If you provide us with materials on a free issue basis we transact these items as a purchased part, leveraging our handling system for quality and delivery management. 

Consigned items are stored, tracked, and managed at customer-specific locations, supporting stock reports, FIFO processing, and minimum stock level maintenance.

We accept ‘Full Free Issue Kits,’ but request materials in a suitable format. Early engagement with us is recommended to prevent production delays.

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