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Vapour Phase Reflow Soldering for Advanced PCB Assembly

To deliver superior outcomes for your SMT production needs, we operate two Asscon vapour phase reflow ovens. Volume production is ‘in-line’ and fully automated with our ‘Synergy’ SMT line.

World class Vapour Phase Soldering supports the assembly and manufacture of a wide range of standard and complex PCB products

“Your reflow capability with vapour phase technology has allowed us to design a series of products for our advanced vehicle applications and achieve a new level of technical engineering capability”  Electric Motor & Power Electronics – Automotive & Aerospace  

Vapour Phase Soldering for Optimal PCB Assembly Resultd

Vapour Phase Reflow Soldering enables the build of the widest range of products including flex, flex-rigid, heavy mass copper and complex high layer count PCB substrates. 

Vapour Phase Oven with Vacuum

Why use Vapour Phase Soldering?

No Overheating

thanks to linear heat transfer throughout the entire PCBA, regardless of time in the vapour.

Uniform Heat Distribution

across the PCBA removes the necessity for multiple thermal profiles.

Consistent Reproduction

because unlike convection ovens, each process section (like ramp/dwell) can be be seamlessly tailored as needed.

Adaptable Production

whether you need 2 units or 5000 units per run, our Asscon VP2000 in-line vapour phase oven, paired with our fully automated 'Synergy' SMT can effortlessly meet your specific needs.

Versatile Material Capabilities

a wide array of standard and advanced materials can be handled, including high thermal mass products.

Precise Process Alignment

enables heightened joint integrity for complex and small SMT components.

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Harnessing Vapour Phase with Vacuum Processing Technology for Cutting-Edge PCB Assembly

Adaptable Precision

The multi-vacuum soldering process involves multiple vacuum applications, offering the flexibility to apply before and during the solder paste melting phase.

Removes Voids

Applying vacuum processes before reaching the liquidous temperature is particularly useful for eliminating voids caused by printing or pick & place processes.

Lead-free solders pose a higher risk of void formation due to elevated process temperatures. The patented technology in Asscon vapour phase equipment effectively eliminates voids formed during soldering from the liquid soldering location.

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Convection Reflow vs Vapour Phase Reflow

Choosing the Right Reflow Process for your PCB Assembly

Selecting the right CEM for your PCB production is critical Adam Harsant, MD provides some technical insights into the reflow process which stands as a cornerstone in the realm of PCB assembly, playing a pivotal role in the creation of reliable and high-quality electronic assemblies.

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