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Nitrogen Reflow Soldering Process for Advanced PCB Assembly

To enhance the quality of your product, we inject Nitrogen into the SMT reflow process, creating a controlled environment with reduced oxygen levels to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Manufacturing complex PCB assemblies, including HDI and ultra-complex SMT technology

The quality delivered and the flexibility you provide have been central to accelerating our success. We are proud to have you as a trusted partner for electronic PCBA manufacturing.”  Space Application Sector

Nitrogen Reflow Soldering for High Production Throughput

The ERSA Hotflow Nitrogen Reflow oven stands as the optimal choice for rapid manufacturing output, employing 9 zones (7 heating/2 cooling) to handle complex SMT and PCBA manufacturing.

Advanced thermal management tools streamline production for products using high thermal mass and thin substrates, such as flex and flex-rigid products.

Key Benefits

Nitrogen Reflow Oven

Streamline production for your high-technology products that require Type 5 & Type 6 solder paste.

This SMT line boasts three SMT machines with 24 placement heads, working simultaneously to build products.

High-speed solder paste application and inspection with twin-head paste dispensing capability.

Why use Nitrogen Reflow Soldering?

Efficient manufacturing for your complex products

HDI rigid, flex and flex-rigid PCBA products and applications.

Higher level of joint integrity

Introducing Nitrogen (N2) in the reflow process to cater for complex components.

No Oxidisation

Introducing Nitrogen (N2) ensures perfect joint-wetting on components.

No Risk of Solder Balls & HIP (head in pillow)

Which can occur under BGA devices where pin terminations are physically small.

Ideal for High Production Throughput

Using 9 zones to handle large batch sizes for your production orders.

Consistent Production

as each process section can be be seamlessly tailored as needed.

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