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Full Control with a Digitally Managed Build for your PCBA products

Transforming the production landscape, our bespoke digital integration system offers a suite of invaluable benefits, enhancing efficiency, precision, and communication across every stage of the manufacturing process.

Enhanced Manufacturing Precision from a Bespoke Fully Digital MES

“Using Gemini Tec has been a breath of fresh air, delivering product on time and often ahead of planned deliveries to aid us in delivering urgent orders to its customers. We have historically worked with at least 2 sub-contract manufacturers, but given our confidence in your service and the capability we have attained over the years, we have taken the unprecedented move to single source with Gemini.”  Embedded Sector – High Rel Applications

Multi-Level Online Route Card System Delivers Efficient Production Workflow

Seamlessly configuring your data, our digital MES System offers unparalleled control and visibility across our operations. Enjoy the commercial gain from the enhanced two-way communication with our technicians during your work orders for proven system and product improvements.

Key Benefits at a Glance:

Efficient Collaboration:

Streamlined communication ensures that information flows seamlessly across teams, enhancing efficiency and reducing miscommunication.

Continuous Improvement:

Recorded operational feedback and enhanced product improvement capabilities allow for ongoing enhancements in product quality and processes.

Accuracy and Precision:

Precise production process parameters and detailed visibility of component data ensure meticulous control over manufacturing, resulting in higher accuracy and quality output.

Clarity in Instructions:

Efficient sharing of instructions and drawings ensures that the manufacturing process is well-guided, reducing errors and improving overall productivity.

Transparent Inventory Management:

Controlled MSL handling and quantity tracking provide detailed visibility of component data including material storage conditions and quantities, aiding in inventory management.

Optimised SMT Line Operations:

Precise technical data for SMT line handling and testing results in optimised operations, reducing errors and enhancing product reliability.

Digital Route Card Features:

Data Configuration:

Streamlined Procurement for Quality Assurance & Timely Production

Automated Material Handling:

Precision Inventory Management for Batch Control & Real-Time Visibility

Information Control:

Efficient Digital Instructional Workflow & Robust Process Records

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