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3D AOI Inspection investment for 2020 at Gemini Tec Ltd


We are delighted to announce further investment with 3D AOI inspection technology for 2020 at Gemini Tec Ltd.The very latest 3D AOI inspection tools at Gemini Tec

Working with global leaders in inspection technology Mirtec Gemini Tec will add its fourth inspection platform during April 2020. The latest MV-3 OMNI is configured with MIRTEC’s OMNI-VISION® 3D Inspection Technology, which combines Mirtec’s exclusive CoaXPress industrial camera system with their revolutionary 8 projection digital multi-frequency Moiré 3D technology. Fully configured, the new MV-3 OMNI machine features four side-view cameras in addition to the 15-megapixel CoaXPress top-down camera, making this system the most technologically advanced AOI machine in the world.

The decision to add 3D AOI capability forms part of a wholesale increase in our CEM operation during 2020. The increase in technology will enrich product conformance for our customers involved in complex PCBA products. Such as more in depth coplanarity checks, on the smallest of SMT devices. full product conformance for complex products. The ease of programming and de-bugging data sets has always been a problematic and time-consuming operation, however continuing our relationship with the Mirtec brand and related software tools will ensure a smooth and seamless integration with our current inspection capability.

This latest configuration of 3D AOI technology will enhance the inspection of PCBA’s for co-planarity, solder fillet inspection and lifted leads on the smallest of package sizes, including 01005 which is now dominating some PCBA products. Mirtec’s AOI, equipped with the best performing camera in the world as well as projector and lighting system, combines the precise measurement, clear image, and advanced analysis algorithms to create the best inspection environment.

Gemini Tec customers will not be required to ask for 3D inspection, as the process will be used based on product type, with a move to deliver 3D AOI as standard across all products.

See more about these AOI products with our partner.

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